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This, it should be mentioned, only takes up about a third of volume two. The rest of the book is devoted to a co-worker of Tsuda's, Saeki, and his relationship with a younger man who has been in love with him for years. It's a very different story, and while it is neither as sweet nor as developed as the main tale, it is still worth reading. What's particularly interesting about Saeki's story is that the younger man is, if not openly gay, at least totally comfortable with his own sexuality, while Saeki is clearly not. Given Saeki's role at the end of the main story, this is certainly not what you would expect, but it doesn't detract from the romance in terms of either consent or charm. In fact, the fully consensual nature of both romances (though one might argue the ten years ago part) make False Memories a particularly good series for those leery of BL's reputation for non-consensual relationships. If you've been curious to read a yaoi title but aren't sure where to start, this is a good introduction, as it does use many of the tropes of the genre without the aspects that can make readers uncomfortable.

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While there are several sex scenes across the two books, this is not a particularly explicit series, but neither does Natsume resort to simply leaving blank spaces where genitals should be. (She's a fan of the well-placed leg instead.) It is graphic without being overly so, leaving enough to the imagination to make the series sexy but not raunchy. Her art is the typically pretty BL style, with long limbs and beautiful faces (Saeki cleans up very nicely), but she does also include scruffy characters, chubby ones, and women in actual speaking roles. It exists in a much more real world than we sometimes see within the genre, which certainly may add to the series appeal for some readers.
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